Simple Past oder Present Perfect

Setze die richtige Form des Verbs in die Lücken ein.

1. After the group London, they to Edinburgh. (to visit/to fly)
2. Before the students the test they off their mobiles. (to start/to switch)
3. After we Mum we to the hospital. (to phone/to go)
4. Jake at the bus stop after the bus . (to arrive/to leave)
5. After the guests , the kids the house. (to go/to clean)
6. When the friends to the cinema, the film . (to get/to start)
7. He me the DVD back after he it. (to give/to watch)
8. Jake the email two minutes after he it. (to answer/to receive)
9. After we to the concert we at a snack bar. (to be/to eat)
10. After we , we home. (to eat/to return)