Simple Past or Past Perfect
Setze die richtige Form des Verbs in die Lücken ein.

1. When Sue her homework she it to her teacher. to finish/to email
2. After she the email she on the TV. to send/to switch
3. After she her favourite soap, she her friend. to watch/to call
4. Emma´s friend round after he football. to come/to play
5. We for a walk when it snowing. to go/to stop
6. Before she the dog, she him for a walk. to feed/to take
7. She the teacher her name after he her a few times. to tell/to ask
8. After Mum a pizza, she a cake. to make/to bake
9. We the tickets before we to the concert. to buy/to go
10. I my emails after I my homework. to read/to finish