If-Sätze Test - If-Sätze Typ 1, Typ 2 und Typ 3
If-Sätze: Setze die richtige Verbform/Verbformen ein.

1. If he to America, he New York. If-Satz Typ: (1) (go/visit)
2. Emma up late if the film exciting. If-SatzTyp: (3) (stay/be)
3. I the queen an email if I her address. If-SatzTyp: (2) (send/have)
4. The teacher my mobile if it in the lesson. If-SatzTyp: (3) (take/ring)
5. Lucy her red dress if Ben her to the dance. If-SatzTyp: (1) (wear/invite)
6. If Jake and Ben famous actors, they in Hollywood. If-SatzTyp: (2) (be/live)
7. If my mobile Internet, I you an email. If-SatzTyp: (3) (have/send)
8. Nobody you if you talking. If-SatzTyp: (2) (hear/stop)
9. If he the DVD, he it to me. If-SatzTyp: (3) (buy/lend)
10. If Ben online, he to Lucy. If-SatzTyp: (3) (be/chat)