Mixed bag - Multiple Choice
Which is the correct answer?

1. If I had had enough money, I that radio.
a. bought b. would buy c. would have bought d. had bought
2. If it rains, you t wet.
a. will get b. would get c. get d. had got
3. She would go to the Job Centre if she a job.
a. had wanted b. will want c. wanted d. wants
4. The dog you if it hadn´t been tied up.
a. would bite b. will bite c. would have bitten d. bites
5. It easy to paint pictures if you knew how to.
a. would be b. had been c. would have been d. be
6. If I come, I you.
a. saw b. would see c. will see d. sees
7. She pleased if you came.
a. would be b. would have been c. would has been d. was
8. If it I would stay at home.
a. rains b. rained c. has rained d.had rained
9. You will catch the train if you earlier
a. left b. leaves c. leave d. would leave
10. If he thirsty, he would have drunk some water.
a. was b. had been c. is d. would drink