Mixed bag - Multiple Choice - If-Clauses
Wähle die richtige Verbform für die If-Sätze?

1. If I a computer, it would do everything for me.
a. would have b. had c. had had d. will have
2. If you drink this, you young forever.
a. stays b. would stay c. didn´t stay d. will stay
3. Do you think pigs if they had wings?
a. will fly b. would fly c. wouldn´t have flown d. flew
4. If the professor a magic drink, he would have become famous.
a. had invented b. will invent c. would have invented d. invented
5. If you had lived a hundred years ago, what your life like?
a. would has been b. would be c. would have been d. will be
6. If the room tidy, Mum will be happy.
a. was b. is c. will be d. were
7. She the computer if it broke down.
a. will repair b. repairs c. would repair d. repaired
8. We would have gone jogging if it .
a. not had rained b. hasn´t rained c. hadn´t rained d. rains
9. John on the light if it had been dark.
a. would turn b. turned c. would have turned d. turns
10. If you pack your things quickly, we it to the bus.
a. makes b. make c. made d. will make