Mixed bag exercises: Welcher Typ ist es?
Entscheide, welcher If-Satz-Typ richtig ist und trage die Verben in die Lücken ein.

1. I don´t suppose I ever a million euro. But if I won a million, I around the world. (win/travel)
2. Yesterday it snowed. The pupils at home if it . (not stay/not snow)
3. She didn´t do her homework. If she her homework, the teacher so angry. (do/not be)
4. She feels ill. I to the doctor´s if I her. (go/be)
5. John will take the DLR. If he the DLR, he home more quickly. (take/be)
6. I hope the doctor will give her some tablets. If she the tablets then she better. (take/feel)
7. She didn´t go to the doctor`s. He her to the hospital if she in great pain. (send/be)
8. Peter will light a campfire. If he a campfire, the children . (light/sing)
9. Peter doesn´t have enough money to buy a car. If he enough, he a Merceghini. (have/buy)
10. Jake didn´t buy any flowers. If he some flowers, Lucy happy. (buy/be)