Fir Tree and Bramble

A tall fir tree stood high up in the middle of the forest and was very proud. He looked down upon many little bushes. One of the bushes - a bramble - wanted to know why he did this and asked him. The fir tree said, " I am the most beautiful tree. My branches are always green and the top of me stretches into the clouds. You are so small and everybody can step on you." The bramble said, " I´m sure this is true but when you are marked and the man comes to cut you down, I bet you would like to change places with me."

A reasonable person does not like to stand out from the crowd because he knows it is not safe to do so. When you stand out you are more vulnerable.

fir tree – evergreen tree (often used as Christman tree)
bramble – blackberry bush
vulnerable - Open to being physically or emotionally wounded

Please match the answers to the questions.

1. Where did the fir tree stand?

2. What did the bramble ask him?

3. Why was he so proud?

4. Was he nice to the bramble?

5. When would the fir tree maybe like to be a bramble?