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A fable is a story which shows something in life or has a meaning to a word. It is a funny story and you can learn a moral from it. Many fables are well-known. Animals are often used in fables, they always keep the same character in the stories.

  • animals and plants are "people"
  • topics of the fables are human weaknesses (menschliche Schwächen) eg greed, envy, stupidity and vanity etc.
  • usually there are only two animals in a fable
  • no exact time in the fable
  • no exact place in the fable
  • fables are short
  • fables do not have any exact descriptions
  • they are in the past tense
  • they deal (haben zu tun) with the real life of human beings
  • some fables criticize important people indirectly eg kings
  • fables have a moral at the end

Fables have three parts - the beginning (title, description of situation), statement and contradiction (argument, discussion (Gegenrede)), solution (solution and moral of fable).
Not all fables contain all three parts.

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